What is the shelf life on our products?

Due to the natural ingredients in our products we ask that you use them within the time frame listed below as we do not use any preservatives:

MOVE- 6 months / POLISH- 3 months / EXFOLIATE- 3 months / CLEANSE- 3 months / GLOW- 12 months /HYDRATE- 12 months (please keep in a dark place and out of direct sunlight) / SMOOCH- 12 months / BRUSH- 3 months / UNWIND- 3 months/ SMOOTH- 12 months.

I started using my Natural Deodorant and now my underarms are irritated and sensitive, help!

It is quite common when you make the switch from conventional deodorant to a Natural Deodorant. Your body is acclimating to the alkaline pH of the baking soda in MOVE. Baking soda is an odor and bacteria-controlling ingredient, but your body may need to adjust to its naturally powerful action at first, which takes a week or so for most people. If you are experiencing intolerable discomfort, discontinue the use of deodorant and contact us so that we can provide advice.

My product has melted!  What do I do?

MOVE is quite the talented product- it can tell you a lot about the weather and what it went through to get to you!  Above 80°F or so, it starts to soften up or “melt”. This is due to the use of natural organic ingredients with no preservatives/additives. The good news is, it can also easily be solidified again by stirring it up with the provided spoon and tossing the container into the fridge for a few minutes to get it back to its paste form. It is best to store in a cool, dry area.

I applied my Deodorant after shaving and my underarms feel like they are on FIRE! Is this normal?

Have you ever shaved your legs before a day at the beach and get a painful surprise as soon as the salty waves crash against them?  For a short period of time for some, using our natural deodorant on freshly shaved underarms may give you a similar result. Shaved skin is exfoliated skin, so the baking soda in MOVE could sting momentarily once applied. This is usually temporary, but we recommend shaving at night and then applying your deodorant in the morning after your skin has had a chance to recover from shaving.